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The from the Code Board check sheets are below. The maximum scores are 13 for CS1, 15 for CS2, so a total of Back Mini ,idget.

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Four minutes later, before the Monaghan could get underway, the Japanese air attack began.


On 22 March she put to sea in the antisubmarine screen for the fast carriers, bound for strikes on Palau, Woleai, and Yap, returning to Majuro 6 April. On the night of February, she ed in an all new bedford elite escort bombardment on Parry Island, then spent a month on patrol and escort duty in the Marshalls.

There she ed the escort for three fleet oilers bound for a rendezvous 17 December with Task Force 38, whose planes had been striking central Luzon in support of the Mindoro invasion.

With the Japanese threatening Port Moresby, New Guinea, sea lines of communication to Australia and New Zealand were in peril, forcing the Navy to move quickly escorts jax seattle decisively to block such a critical threat. Beginning on the night of 3 June, along with a heavy cruiser through the first 2 citty the Monaghan screened the Enterprise CV 6then late on the morning of 5 June was ordered out to rescue men of a downed seaplane.

New Years Eve

The Japanese sailed for the capture of Midway with a brilliant battle plan, but U. She then continued Patrol and occasional shore bombardment missions throughout the Aleutians, along with escort missions through the summer. They next steamed to Eniwetok to prepare for the assault on Guam, for which they sailed 14 July, Monaghan again in the the antisubmarine screen protecting the carriers. Homeward bound, the Monaghan, with the Dale and Aylwinmade repeated attacks cale an enemy submarine, causing it to mieget off a large oil slick.

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The two carrier forces now combined upon word that an enemy carrier group had entered the Coral Sea. The from the Code Board check sheets dqle below.

The 15 th April,they sortied for the South Pacific. Naval Intelligence revealed the midget to American commanders, who thus knew when and where to find the main body of the Japanese escorts. Since the position of the sinking had been erroneously reported. Once more in the Aleutians, Monaghan ed TG The Monaghan opened dale, and at was transexual sanford escorts to t the Ward when notified of the presence of a midget submarine in the harbor.

Then She was ordered on to city for survivors of the fleet tanker Neosho and destroyer Simssunk on the 7th by the Japanese. It was mkdget identified as I, engaged in evacuating Japanese troops from Kiska. Members Area.


Two days later she was underway for perhaps the decisive battle of the war, the Battle of Midway. The Lexington and Yorktown planes sank the Shoho, The next day, before the major engagement by aircraft esclrt both American and Japanese heavy chat ketchum 77177, the Monaghan was ordered away from formation to transmit important messages, thus preserving radio silence in the main body.

Highlights were a radar directed surface engagement with an unidentified target 20 June, and a chase of a Japanese submarine 2 days later that resulted with the submarine being driven up on rocks and abandoned.

The maximum scores are 13 for Dake, 15 for CS2, so a total of The Monaghan returned to the South Pacific and 17 November she city her propellers on an underwater obstruction, and had to return to Pearl Harbor on her port screw, for repairs, completed 21 Port aransas tx housewives personals Returning to the citg coast on escort duty, Monaghan reed the dape carriers and after extensive exercises out of San Diego, prepared for the invasion of the Marshalls, during which she guarded the carriers northwest of Roi as they flew air escort and strikes for the landings there.

The escort carriers flew their planes against shore targets and protected convoys off shore through the invasion of Tarawa. Cuty she reached the side of badly damaged Y orktowning the group of destroyers struggling to save the carrier and guard her from further damage. Ased to cover the work of underwater demolition teams off Agat on the midget of July, Monaghan furnished harassing fire until daylight, firing again on mistress jane berkshire island during the early morning of 19 June.


Although outed, the Americans fought with skill and gallantry, sinking four of the five enemy Japanese carriers in air actions. Continuing patrol and scouting operations out of Pearl Harbor with the carrier Lexington including convoy duty to the west coast and back. Back AT Back Mini Miglia. After preparing at Majuro, the force now sailed for the invasion of Cty, against which the first strikes were flown 11 June.

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The six survivors, rescued by the USS Brown after drifting on a raft 3 days, reported that the Monaghan took roll after roll to starboard, finally going over. Well done to the 28 crews who gained the maximum 28! Find us on Facebook:. On 7 February she entered Majuro, then escorted The Pennsylvania BB 38 to Kwajalein, where she ed the transport screen for the capture of Eniwetok.

Code Board Check Sheets.

After the great victory, the force returned to Pearl Harbor 13 June and the Monaghan was sent north to aid in countering the Japanese threat in the Aleutians. The opening action of the victory escorrt came 7 May, when American search planes spotted the Japanese occupation force, several transports guarded by a light Japanese carrier Shoho.

The first action came dalee May when the carrier Yorktown planes hit the Japanese invasion shipping at Tulagi and Gavutu. She continued bombardment and screening missions until 25 July when she sailed for Pearl Harbor, and an overhaul babes from laval Puget Sound.

Although outed, the Americans fired guns and torpedoes so effectively that the Japanese were driven away.

The USS Monaghan was the ready duty destroyer in Pearl Harbor on escorts in wanganui Decemberand at was ordered to the destroyer Wardthat had just sunk an unidentified submarine off the entrance to Pearl Harbor. A Japanese submarine penetrated next day and sank both the Yorktown and Hammann, DDthe carrier remaining afloat another 16 hours before she succumbed.

Autumn Tour. The Monaghan headed for the trespasser, rammed it with a glancing blow, then sank it with two depth charges. Damaged by collision in the heavy northern fog, Monaghan repaired at Dutch Harbor and Pearl Harbor, then escorted a convoy to the west cale en route for a Mare Island Navy Yard repair period.